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In a world where experience is crucial to your cases Attorney Mark O. Grater has been engaged in the practice of law for thirty years.
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Groton CT Bankruptcy Attorney

Over 30 Years Experience Helping People Get a Fresh Start

There is nothing more stressful on a family or individual then debt. Whether you have done your best to pay your bills but you just keep falling behind, or whether you have been hampered by large medical expenses, or by withering credit card debt, or if you have fallen behind on your mortgage or other recurring payments, an experienced bankruptcy attorney is crucial to getting a fresh start through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Furthermore, your credit might not be affected as badly as you might assume. Under the new bankruptcy law, a Chapter 7 filing will eliminate 100% of your debt and give you a fresh start. A Chapter 13 filing will allow you to catch up on your mortgage and pay back some or all of your credit card debt on your own terms. You should always inquire as to whether or not your attorney has extensive experience. The Law Office of Mark O. Grater, LLC is an agency assisting in debt relief under the bankruptcy code. Allow them to analyze your personal situation to see if you qualify for relief under Chapter 7 or 13.


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